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  1. Even over die ene regel waar iedereen overheen lijkt te lezenJa, ik ben vanmorgen door de 1.000 km heen gegaan op de BianchiDat vind ik dus echt TOP van je!! Je bent echt goed bezig hoor! Volgende zomer op de fiets een bakkie bij ons? Dan zorg ik persoonlijk voor de appelpunt mét slagroom. Die heb je dan echt wel verdiend hoor!!! greetz, nicht M te B

  2. I loved seeing David’s work it’s wonderful. I thought that “pining for you” sign was fun until I saw the wood desserts and that box of chocolate, so fun! Peoople are so amazingly creative!XXDebra~

  3. Hi Karen,I did make a brief comment about Carrino’s posting in . I guess rather than burying it in the Comment section I should have turned it into a blog posting. And I guess I should write something in response to his article about apophatic theology. Thanks for the suggestion!Robert

  4. Hi Catherine, I was also a GamesMaker based as the Excel as part of the Transport Workforce Team – I had just left my job after 23 years and was moving from the south to Cumbria to start a new life. This was my first challenge after leaving work and the experience really set me up for the next phase of my life. It is something I will never do again, but owe so much to what it did for me and so proud to have been part of it. Tracey

  5. That’s a skillful answer to a difficult question

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